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Sponsorship Info for Parents

2020 Season UPDATE

There is now a "live" Sponsor Contact Log so you can see the current status of who has been contacted by clicking the button below or

  • Need to focus on RED signs that are for sale 
  • If potential sponsor declines, ask if they'll donate something for the Diamond Dinner

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please email Kelly McLoughlin at:

WHITE = Existing signboard acquired by current player with first opportunity to renew sponsorship. Will open up to all after certain date.
RED= OPEN FOR SALE by anyone. Again, first payment received gets player credit. Please add your contact to the Potential Sponsor Log.
Sponsor acquired by prior year Senior. Open for anyone to renew. First payment received gets player credit.
GRAY=Sponsor has already renewed for 2020. Existing player receives credit.

Our current Signboards-As of 2/14/20

2020 Sponsor Info

See below for all forms related to sponsoring Milton Baseball.

You can check the "Current Signboards" to see what businesses are already sponsors, and how many open opportunities there are. All forms can be downloaded.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to Jim McLoughlin at